Women`s Organizations


Local, state and national women’s organizations are likely to be your best allies. The WAGE Project has compiled a list of advocacy, research, and legal services organizations who support efforts to achieve equality for women in the workplace. Click here for Women’s Organization List.


  1. Contact the national office or local chapters of some of these groups. Several organizations also run sex discrimination hotlines (link to hotlines) that women workers can call for help and advice.

  2. Arrange a meeting between representatives of these groups and you and your co-workers. Specify whether this meeting should be treated confidentially. Once you contact outside groups to meet, there is always a risk that your discussions will become public information. However, most groups will respect your request to keep these conversations private until you make the decision to bring more public attention to the matter.

  3. Before the meeting with women’s organizations, you and your co-workers should meet to discuss what you would like to achieve as a result of the meeting.

    Do you want to ask women’s organization representatives to request a meeting with the CEO to express their concerns about the treatment of women employees?


    Do you want publicity around these activities? If so, at what point?


    Do you want to encourage women’s organizations to consider other actions – letterwriting campaigns, demonstrations, distribution of leaflets, etc. – that will increase public attention and place more pressure on your company?


    Do you need help in finding an attorney to help negotiate or pursue legal action against the employer?


  4. At the meeting, describe the difficulties that women workers face at your company and what you and your co-workers have done to try to change the situation.

  5. Tell them how you have the situation of women in the company, both personal stories and information on compensation systems and other discriminatory practices.

  6. Ask for their support.

  7. Develop a joint plan of action.