Who Is Affected By The Wage Gap?


While most women suffer from the wage gap, it does not affect all women equally. According to 2004 Median Annual Earning U.. Census data, African American women earn only 68 cents for every dollar a man earns, while Hispanic women earn only 57 cents to the male dollar.

The wage gap increases with age. The wage gap between women and men ages of 25-34 is 83.8%. Women between 35-44 make 64.7% of what men make. Women between 45-54 are paid only 63.7.8% for every man’s dollar, and women 55-64 years of age face a wage gap of 59.6%.

But young women do not escape the wage gap either. If you graduated from college in 2000, your pay started much farther behind men’s than the pay of women who graduated a decade earlier. In 1991, the wage gap between young women and men with college degrees was only 9 percent, or a few thousand dollars difference. But in 2000, the wage gap for young women and men with those same credentials was 31 percent.

U.S. Census Data on Women’s Wages