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WAGE Clubs meet periodically – usually once a month – to discuss and strategize how to improve the wages of women in the group. While the group provides an opportunity for members to share their frustrations at work, the primary purpose of the WAGE Club is to support each other in taking steps to improve their work situation and to end workplace discrimination against women.


To this end, The WAGE Project has prepared a WAGE Discussion Guide to facilitate productive WAGE Club meetings. Using Getting Even as a blueprint and the WAGE website as a resource, the discussion guide will walk you and your group through how to measure your wage gap, how to identify sex discrimination, and how to assess whether women are being paid equitably at your workplace.


The Discussion Guide will provide a base for meetings of your WAGE Club on how to prepare to request action from your employer to improve your wages and to remedy sex discrimination. By using these resources as a group, you and other WAGE Club members can support each other at every stage of the process – from research to action.


Take pride in your moments of wage-related success! Every time you—or one of your female friends, colleagues, or WAGE Club members—get a raise, a promotion, or more benefits paid by an employer take time to salute this accomplishment. The wage gap is made up of lots of small nicks and cuts. Wiping it out will require many small efforts—and a lot of stamina. Tell Us Your Success Stories. Your success will inspire women across the country.


All that goes triple for your collaborative efforts. When it’s appropriate, boast about your organization’s successes to the WAGE Project and to the media. That will push your company to do more—and put pressure on other employers to get their women workers’ salaries even as well.