What It Means to be a Facilitator



Fees for $tart $mart Campus Workshops

The department, office or program sponsoring the workshop at the college or university will be charged $650 for the initial workshop by the WAGE Project for use and development of materials. WAGE will submit documentation of travel related expenses incurred by a WAGE staff member or $mart Trained Facilitator and the school shall reimburse WAGE for any travel expenses 25 miles or more from campus. Upon receipt of travel related expenses from the academic institution, WAGE will reimburse the presenter.

Each subsequent academic semester the workshop is used by the same institution, WAGE's fee will be $350 to cover staff time to train the campus staff facilitator, work with the designated person to develop appropriate and timely materials, and evaluate the impact of the workshop after it is offered.

If for any reason the workshop is cancelled less than a month before the scheduled date, the sponsoring department/office or program of the academic institution will be obligated to pay The WAGE Project $300 for time and expenses incurred in preparation for the workshop.

College and University Responsibility

1. Appoint a Campus Contact who serves as the lead contact to work with The WAGE Project. The Campus Contact will endeavor to engage other programs and offices on campus or in the community.

2. The Campus Contact will schedule the date of the campus workshop in conjunction with the WAGE Project.

3. The Campus Contact will be responsible for determining the specific job title, destination and salary appropriate for their students and work with WAGE to develop the $TART $MART workshop specific to that title.

4. The Campus Contact will advertise, promote, recruit and register participants for the $TART $MART workshop.

5. The Campus Contact will secure a setting for the workshop with all necessary equipment for the presentation:

  » A computer with access to the internet linked to a projector

  » A projection screen

  » A black or white board and markers

  » Sufficient seating capacity for all participants

  » A microphone if more than 40 participants

  » Appropriate refreshments for participants

6. The Campus Contact will be responsible for reproducing sufficient copies of the $TART $MART workbook and role play scripts for each participant.

The WAGE Project's Responsibility

1. WAGE staff will provide the $tart $mart curriculum, develop a $TART $MART workbook and workshop script specific to the anticipated student participants of the particular academic institution. In conjunction with the workbook, WAGE staff will develop a role-playing script also specific to these students, the institution, and the locale. If the school has presented the workshop in the past, WAGE will continue to work with the school to help develop and review workbooks and role plays. WAGE will provide workbooks and scripts two weeks before the scheduled workshop so that the Campus Coordinator has sufficient time to print copies for each enrolled participant.

2. WAGE staff will provide the Campus Contact with suggested information, formats and timing for advertising the workshop. WAGE urges the Campus Contact to follow WAGE's promotional guidelines in order to set appropriate expectations for participants.

3. Workshops will either be conducted by WAGE's staff or Certified $tart $mart Facilitators.

$tart $mart Facilitator Team

Recognizing that the greatest long-term impact on eliminating the gender wage gap will be derived by working with young women just entering the workforce, WAGE seeks to maximize opportunities to offer these women skills and understanding through the efforts of the $tart $mart Facilitator Team.

Facilitators are of two types:

1. Campus Facilitators

Staff of a academic institution will be trained to offer the $tart $mart Campus Workshop on their campus. The school will be charged a fee of $650 for the initial workshop and then a fee of $350 for each subsequent academic semester the workshop is used. WAGE staff will train the Campus Staff Facilitator and continue to work with the designated person to develop appropriate, timely materials and evaluate the impact of the workshop after it is offered.

2. Community Facilitators

These facilitators may come from collaborating organizations or may be individuals passionate about elimination of the wage gap. Their responsibilities as $tart $mart Facilitators include:

Solicit campuses and get signed commitment forms from schools

Make all arrangements with campuses including contact person, dates, locations

Secure information needed for scripts

Create workbook model and role play scripts which will be reviewed by WAGE

Review evaluations (facilitators must receive strong favorable reviews to continue)


Potential facilitators must be vetted by the WAGE team. All facilitators must receive training from WAGE staff. Wage will hold training sessions as often as possible and advise potential candidates of locations. Participants will be charged $100 for the training, workbook, related materials and ongoing coaching. Organizations may choose to cover the cost of the training for interested members. For further information about becoming a $tart $mart Facilitator or bringing the workshop to your campus, please contact the WAGE Project at ahoule@wageproject.org.