Step 3: What Should I Do If I Can`t Get My Boss to Take Action?


You've made your case, but your employer has done nothing to remedy wage discrimination or other problems that women face at your company. You have mobilized co-workers, who share your frustration that no action has been taken.

What should do you do next? If your negotiations fail to remedy sex discrimination at your workplace, you may want to consider bringing the situation of women workers at your company to the public's attention.

Creating outside pressure to close the wage gap can create the impetus for change. Sometimes even the threat of going public is enough. Companies dread bad publicity. Sales, profits, stock prices, and reputation are all tightly linked. And the possibility of civil lawsuits or federal action can pummel all the above. The contrary is also true. Companies love good publicity. They know that civic and community recognition improves the brand's image—and therefore sales.

Seek allies outside of the company. Women's organizations, anti-discrimination agencies and elected officials, and the media are possible sources of support.

Review federal and state anti-discrimination laws to see if you should pursue a legal claim.

NEED HELP? Before you go public, you might want to contact staff from the WAGE Project at or one of the sex discrimination hotlines for advice.

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