WAGE staff


Evelyn Murphy, Founder and President


Dr. Murphy is the founder of The WAGE Project and author of Getting Even: Why Women Don't Get Paid Like Men and What To Do About It. Throughout the last decade, she conducted Work $mart--salary negotiation workshops for working women, in nonprofit organizations, women lawyers, academics, accountants, librarians, physicians, and pharmacists; and facilitated $tart $mart workshops for young women on campuses throughout America to start their careers paid fairly. She also coaches women in salary negotiation.


Evelyn Murphy is a former Lt. Governor of Massachusetts. Appointed by Boston Mayor Martin Walsh, she Co-chairs the Boston Women's Workforce Council, an entity assisting businesses and governmental bodies committed to eliminating the gender wage gap among their employees. Appointed by MA Treasurer Deborah Goldberg, she is a Trustee of the Financial Literacy Trust Fund, a statewide nonprofit dedicated to providing financial literacy to residents throughout their lives.  


She is a founding Director of The Commonwealth Institute, Director of the Women's Studies Research Center a Brandeis University, Honorary Chair of the Lost Coin Women's Fund, and serves on the Advisory Boards of the Center for Women and Work, University of Massachusetts Lowell and the Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy, UMass Boston. In her corporate roles, she is a Director of SBLI USA Life Insurance, headquartered in New York City and Citizens Energy Corporation in Boston. 


Ms. Murphy earned a BA in mathematics from Duke University; MA in economics from Columbia University; PhD in economics from Duke University. She is the recipient of 11 honorary degrees, the Distinguished Alumni Award from the Duke University Graduate School and over 100 awards from national, state and local organizations.


"As the first woman ever elected to a statewide office in MA, I understand how hard women still have to work to achieve equality. Despite Massachusetts 'liberal' image, prior to me, no woman had ever served as Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Auditor, Treasurer or US Senator. In politics, at work, in society, and in our communities, we still have much to do, and being paid what we are worth is fundamental to equality."


Prior to elected office, Dr. Murphy served as Secretary of Environmental Affairs for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Secretary of Economic Affairs.