WAGE staff


Evelyn Murphy, President


Ms. Murphy is the founder of The WAGE Project. She has conducted Work $mart salary negotiation workshops for working women in nonprofit organizations, women lawyers, accountants, librarians, physicians, and pharmacists. She coaches individuals in salary negotiation and facilitates $tart $mart workshops.  


Evelyn Murphy is a former Lt. Governor of Massachusetts, Chair of the Board of SBLI USA Mutual LIfe Insurance Company and director of Citizens Energy Corporation. She is on the Advisory Boards of the Center for Women and Work, University of Massachusetts Lowell and the Center for Women and Public Policy, UMass Boston. She earned a BA in mathematics from Duke University; MA in economics from Columbia University; PhD in economics from Duke University.


"As the first woman ever elected to a statewide office in MA, I understand how hard women still have to work to achieve equality. Despite Massachusetts 'liberal' image, prior to me, no woman had ever served as Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Auditor, Treasurer or US Senator. In politics, at work, in society, and in our communities, we still have much to do, and being paid what we are worth is fundamental to equality."


Prior to elected office, Dr. Murphy served as Secretary of Environmental Affairs for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Secretary of Economic Affairs. She is the recipient of eleven honorary degrees over one hundred awards from national, state and local organizations.


Annie Houle, National Director of Campus and Community Initiatives


Ms. Houle helped develop and has facilitated $mart Workshops from Maine to California in 46 states on over 250 campuses. She has trained over 1000 Facilitators to assist in the delivery of these workshops and is coordinating workshops and Facilitator training for this academic years


She assumed this position after starting the WAGE initiative in Maine called WAGE ProjectME. Annie served as board chair for the Portland YWCA, the New England Regional Board and the National YWCA Advocacy Board. She was Project Director of the Red Cross based AmeriCorpsVISTA disaster action team for Maine. She serves on the Advisory Council of Maine's Center for Women, Work and Community, the Maine Women's Policy Center and is a member of the Maine Dept of Labor's Women's Employment Issues Committee.


She is one of three daughters, the mother of four daughters and has seven grandchildren, five are girls! "My work with women and girls through my profession, volunteer work and family makes me a passionate advocate for women's rights and gender equality.


Dorrie Sieburg, Program Manager for $tart $mart Initiative


Ms. Sieburg is responsible for all support services to campuses, facilitators and regional field managers involved with $tart $mart. She has worked with WAGE for three years. Dorrie graduated from Penn State with a BS in Education. She spend several years teaching environmental education in Puget Sound. She taught at a bilingual school in Costa Rica, then settled in Asheville, NC where she has taught Spanish and Math and Science at an independent day school.  Dorrie and her husband have two children.