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Starting a WAGE Club is easy!


WAGE Club Fact Sheet

A Wage Club is a group of women who come together for personal support and who help each other take action to help close the wage gap.


  • How Do I Start?
    Pick a time and a place, and invite 5-10 women to attend your first WAGE club meeting. Here is a sample email or letter you can adapt and use.

  • Who Can I Invite?
    Any women you know who share your concerns about not being paid fairly at work -- co-workers, friends or other women in your neighborhood who complain about sexism at work. Members of your women’s or community group; your book or investment club, your PTA, or members at your gym.

  • What Should We Do At Meetings?
    To get your group started talking about the wage gap and sex discrimination at work, you can provide copies of the WAGE Club Discussion Guide to everyone before the meeting. Print a hard copy and/or e-mail a link to the Guide and encourage participants to get a copy of Getting Even. You can follow the discussion guide or develop your own approach – the important thing is to start talking with others now about the wage gap, and how you can work together to help yourselves and other women to get even at work.

  • Register your WAGE Club so that you will be able to benefit from others’ experiences and share strategies.


  • Update The WAGE Project regularly about your meetings and progress. Please contact us if you need any assistance or advice at