Learn How To Research the Status of Women Workers


If you are being treated unfairly at work, chances are other women are too. To bolster your argument for increasing your wages and to press for institutionwide change in women’s wages, you can assess the overall status of women workers at your company or organization.

Based on the Center for Women In Government’s publication, Assessing Pay Equity, The WAGE Project has constructed a computerized form to enable you to collect and analyze women’s wages at your workplace.

You will need four pieces of information about your workplace: a list of all of the job titles at your place of employment, the number of women and men in each job title, entry level annual or hourly wage for each job title, and the number of hours per week for each job title. Download PDF version of this form here.


To start, enter the total number of job titles you will be entering. If you're unsure, round up: