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This Discussion Guide provides a format for WAGE Club meetings. Your WAGE Club may choose to spend one meeting or several meetings on a particular topic. They may want to skip around in the sequence of topics. This is only a guide. Your WAGE Club also might want to consider inviting expert guest speakers who will talk with you about salary negotiations, wages, and career ladders. Getting Even: Why Women’s Don’t Get Paid Like Men and What To Do So We Will and The WAGE Project’s website, www.wageproject.com are key resources for this Discussion Guide and WAGE Club meetings.


Please send The WAGE Project a critique of your club’s experience with the guide if you use it. We appreciate any feedback on the the discussion questions, resources and research exercises and suggestions of materials that we should add, delete or explain in more detail.



Topic 1. "What Does the Gender Wage Gap Cost Me?"
Topic 2. " Do Other Women’s Stories Sound Like Mine?"
Topic 3. "Isn’t It Time I Get Paid Fairly?"
Topic 4. "How Do I Get Even?" Part 1:My Research and Strategy
Topic 5. "How Do I Get Even?" Part 2: Practice
Topic 6. "How Do I Get Even?" Part 3: Action and More Action



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