What Is Work $mart Workshop


Work $mart—A Salary Negotiation Workshop for Every Working Woman


It is commonly accepted that women earn less than men even today when women are half the labor force, are as well educated and qualified as men, and need paychecks just as much as men. Economists, labor market analysts, public policy specialists, women’s rights advocates debate the reasons for these inequities. Yet regardless of the causes, one point remains undisputed: each woman must achieve pay equity on her own. No employer, no law is going to do it for her. She must do it for herself.


So, whether you are a woman who is employed, unemployed, underemployed, looking for a new job with the same employer, or a job with a new employer, Work $mart, a salary negotiation workshop especially designed for women, gives you the tools, techniques and confidence to get paid what you are worth.


Work $mart is a highly interactive, nuts-and-bolts, 2 ½ hour workshop. Participants learn how to determine their worth for the job they have or want, the strategy for negotiating their salary and effective language to use in negotiation. Every participant leaves with a workbook to be used as a guide in salary negotiations for the rest of her work life.


Work $mart workshops can be designed for participants in specific professions, such as accountants, lawyers, physicians, librarians, pharmacists, engineers, etc.; women working in non-profit organizations; women in specific industrial and service sectors such as manufacturing, higher education, health care, biotechnology; and women working in various sectors and various professions convened by alumnae associations, YWCA branches, women’s conferences, and the like.


 If you are interested in arranging a Work $mart workshop, please contact Dorrie Sieburg at dorriesieburg@gmail.com