What Is A $tart$mart Workshop


What is a $tart$mart Salary NegotiationWorkshop?

A $tart$mart workshop is a two-to-three hour workshop specially, but not exclusively, designed for junior and senior college women. Freshmen and sophomore women have participated in $tart$mart work workshops, and graduate students, too. On several campuses, a few men have attended too. 

The workshop teaches a young woman how to determine what employers are paying for the job she wants when she graduates and how to negotiate to be paid what she is worth doing that job. Typically, workshops include forty or fewer participants so that every student has a chance to ask questions and make comments.

$tart$mart is a genuine “workshop”. Participants get nuts-and-bolts, real world information. They learn about salary resources they can use. And, at the end of the session, they get an opportunity to apply what they learn in a highly engaging role-playing exercise.

WAGE-AAUW Partnership in $tart$mart Workshops.

In March 2009, WAGE and AAUW joined forces to address the gender wage gap by training AAUW members to become facilitators of these workshop as well as staff on campuses who are trained as facilitators, too.. By 2013, over 1000 women, predominantly AAUW members,  had been trained to facilitate workshops under the direction of WAGE staff and $tart$mart workshops had been provided on over 350 campuses in forty five states. Evaluations by participants have been overwhelmingly positive. 

What do participants learn at a $tart$mart Workshop?

Every participant in these workshops learns the key aspects in salary negotiation:

1. The personal consequences of the gender wage gap to a college graduate: that she may lose $1.2 million loss over her working lifetime if she does not take action.
2. The resources for benchmarking the salary and benefits for the particular job she wants when she graduates from college. She will learn about job titles, their functions and salary ranges, the impact of market realities on salaries; and how to compare her skills and accomplishments to job requirements and the job market where she wants to work in order to target a realistic salary.
3. The basic elements of salary negotiation: how to aim high and be realistic; language useful in salary negotiations; and the tactics and strategies to achieve her worth in her first job after graduation.
4. The "bare bones" budget she will need to pay rent, buy groceries, repay student loans, and other basic expenses.

How Can I Get Involved in a $tart$mart Workshop?

Working with a campus contact person, The WAGE Project conducts $tart$mart workshops on campuses throughout the United States specifically tailored to that campus and the students who will be attending the workshop. In the last two academic years, $tart$mart workshops have been conducted on over one hundred campuses. Click here to see the list of campuses with workshops scheduled in this academic year. 

If you are interested in participating in a $tart$mart workshop, or if you want to explore how to get The WAGE Project to conduct a $tart$mart workshop on your campus, contact Annie Houle at ahoule@wageproject.org.